Inspector Morse TV Show – The Ultimate Guide

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What Is Inspector Morse About?

Inspector Morse is a British detective series produced between 1987 and 2000.

It was based on the novels of Colin Dexter, with its title character being named after Oxfordshire Police Inspector Lionel “Lucky” Morse, whom Dexter met while working as a journalist for The Manchester Guardian in 1960.

The show starred John Thaw as Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Robert “Robbie” Lewis, an alcoholic who solves crimes using his intelligence and instincts rather than modern technology.

Inspector Morse (1987–2000) follows DCI Robert Lewis’ investigation into the murder of an elderly woman at a train station’s parking lot in Oxfordshire, England.

What Order Do The Inspector Morse TV Shows Go In?

The Inspector Morse TV series were originally made for ITV and the network’s Channel 3. The first episode of each program was broadcast on a Sunday evening at 9pm, with an initial run of four episodes per production. After that, each season was broadcast in two parts over consecutive weeks.

Each series has been shown in different orders around the world when it is aired on other channels. This means you may see some episodes out of order if you watch them on certain channels or streaming services like Amazon Prime.

How Does Inspector Morse End?

In the final episode of Inspector Morse, “The Remorseful Day,” the detective has a heart attack while out walking alone and falls into a coma. He’s taken to hospital where his colleagues assume he will die soon.

While lying in bed, Morse looks up to see a vision of Dr. Keats who tells Morse that “there is no death” and that he has only really been on holiday for these last few years (the show was filmed between 1987-2000). Dr. Keats takes Morse through an afterlife which is made up of memories from his life: scenes from his childhood with his father (who died when he was young), meeting Laura Hobson for the first time at university, getting married and having children…

As well as flashbacks from both characters’ lives throughout their career together at Oxford University Police Department including scenes with DCI Lewis who was promoted beyond rank after impressing higher ups with evidence found during investigation into serial killer Colin Wallis who murdered 3 women in 1955 before being caught by Inspector Morse although it wasn’t until 1960 before Wallis confessed – so there was no need for any other suspects!

The final scene shows them both celebrating retirement together over dinner (with side salad) on Boxing Day 1999 after having solved cases since 1950 – making total over 40 years serving justice just like Sherlock Holmes did!

Did Inspector Morse Come Back For A New Series After His Heart Attack?

Inspector Morse did indeed return to the small screen after his heart attack, bringing viewers two more seasons of drama and intrigue. The first episode in this new series was called “The Way Through the Woods,” which aired in 1993 and followed Morse as he tried to track down an elusive killer.

It’s clear from this episode that Inspector Morse is ready for another adventure, even though he claims he’s retired from police work at the beginning of it!

How Does Inspector Morse Die?

You may be wondering how Inspector Morse dies. He was not, however, killed by an angry spouse or a criminal mastermind. In fact, his death was rather peaceful—and not at all surprising to his colleagues at Scotland Yard.

We learn that there’s been a change in Inspector Morse’s health during the episode “The Wench is Dead” (season 1). His doctor informs him that he has leukaemia and will need to undergo chemotherapy treatment for it immediately. The good news is that this kind of cancer can be successfully treated with modern medicine; unfortunately for us viewers, though, the chemo doesn’t work on Morse’s body and he dies in hospital about six weeks later.

Was There Ever An Inspector Morse Movie?

You may remember Morse’s first film appearance in the 1993 movie Inspector Morse: The Gift of Love, which he starred in alongside his TV partner Lewis and another detective character from a popular British crime drama, The Bill. This was followed by a sequel called Inspector Morse: The Eye of the Tiger, which featured Robert Glenister as a police inspector from London who travels to Oxford to help investigate an old murder case.

Inspector Morse made his final silver screen appearance in 2002’s Inspector Morse: Robbery Under Arms, which was based on the novel by Australian writer Rolf Boldrewood and featured Clive Owen as the titular character working with local constables at Oxford University to solve a crime related to illegal firearm sales.

What’s The Origin Of The Theme Music To Inspector Morse?

The theme music for Inspector Morse has a very distinctive sound. It’s like the old school detective shows we all grew up with, but not quite…if that makes sense. There’s something about it that feels familiar—like you’d recognize it in an instant if you heard it on TV or at the movies—but also new and different at the same time. And there’s a reason for this!

The music was composed by Barrington Pheloung, who had previously worked with ITV on other television series such as Cribb and Taggart before he was asked to compose music for Inspector Morse. For his contribution to the show, Pheloung used horns rather than strings or piano as he felt they were more appropriate for the tone of Inspector Morse than other instruments would have been.

Are There Any Other Police Series Like Inspector Morse?

Inspector Lewis

This series stars Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox as Inspector Robert Lewis, the former partner of Morse, and Detective Sergeant James Hathaway respectively. The characters first appeared in the Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour in 2012 before going on to star in their own show. The pair are based on DCS Charlie Crews and Sgt. John Boulton from Colin Dexter’s novels about Inspector Morse. Both series have been lauded for their intelligent scripts and attention to detail, with many fans referring to them as “the original” or “the best” police dramas ever made.

A Touch of Frost (1992)

A detective sergeant must solve a murder at a local school while juggling his own personal problems and learning to deal with the new Detective Inspector assigned to help him. This series is based on the novels written by R.D. Wingfield, who also wrote many of the books that were adapted into Inspector Morse episodes.

Cracker (1993)

DCI Jimmy Savile is an unconventional policeman who uses unorthodox methods to solve crimes—and he’s also a recovering alcoholic with serious family problems and occasional bouts of mental instability. The first three seasons were shown as part of ITV’s “Crime Night” programming block, but season four aired under the banner “Cracker: The Final Chapter.” Although it’s not technically set in Morse’s Oxfordshire area, this show has some similar elements: namely its moody atmosphere and unique protagonist.

What is Inspector Morse’s First Name?

Inspector Morse’s first name is Ed. His full name is Inspector Edward “Morse” (not “Hunter”). The reason this may not be obvious to you is that we never hear anyone call him by his given first name—only his last. For example, when Sergeant Lewis refers to him as “Morse,” he does so using his title rather than his first name; we only ever see or hear people address him as “Inspector.”

We also don’t know whether or not he had a middle name before it was removed from all official documents because there’s no record of it remaining in any form of ID or passport after he was fired from the force in Series 1 Episode 8, ‘The Wench Is Dead.’

What Car Did Inspector Morse Drive?

In the Inspector Morse series, Inspector Morse drives a Jaguar XJS V12. The car was driven by Lewis as well in later series and movies.

The XJS was made from 1976 to 1996 in various body styles (one of which is featured in the show). It was powered by a 4-liter V12 engine that produced 240 horsepower, making it capable of reaching speeds up to 140 mph (225 km/h).

The series also features a number of other cars including an Austin Martin Minx and Triumph Spitfire

Was Inspector Morse Married?

Inspector Morse was married to his first wife, Vivienne. He and Vivienne had two daughters together, Annette and Rosanna.

When he was in Oxford as a young man, he met a young nurse named Julie Haye. She had come to stay with her grandparents while she recuperated from a serious injury sustained during World War II. The pair fell in love, but when she left to return home – only days before their wedding date – Morse followed her and proposed marriage on the spot. Julie declined his offer, however, since it would have been difficult for him to join the police force if they were married (as it would be considered improper).

Who Played Inspector Morse?

Inspector Morse (played by John Thaw) was a well-loved British detective. His last name was Morse, and he’s the inspector you see in Inspector Morse on TV.

Was Inspector Morse An Alcoholic?

While some people have wondered if Inspector Morse was a true alcoholic, he had a drinking problem. Inspector Morse’s drinking habit might have been the reason why his wife left him. She wanted Morse to stop drinking, but it seemed that he could not do so on his own.

Inspector Morse did not like being told what to do by anyone else. He wanted to make his own decisions in life and didn’t like being told he was wrong or needed help stopping something bad from happening because of his actions or decisions.

Who Wrote Inspector Morse?

The Inspector Morse series was created by Colin Dexter.

Inspector Morse is a detective drama series produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The show focuses on Inspector Morse, an Oxford University police officer who solves murders in his spare time to pass the time between cases.

The first few seasons of this show were based on works by Colin Dexter (the author of the Inspector Morse novels), but the later seasons were not based on any specific novel.

How Old Is Inspector Morse?

When you watch an episode of Inspector Morse, it’s hard not to wonder how old the character is. We know that he was born in 1939 and died in 2003, but what about other years?

The main reason we’re curious about Morse’s age is that he looks so young! If you look at a photo of the actor who played him (John Thaw), you’d think he was only 20 or so. In fact, when I first watched Inspector Morse as a kid I thought John Thaw was quite old—like 40 or 50 or something like that!

Nowadays everyone has access to information about anything and everything on Google; but back then there weren’t any databases around with pictures of John Thaw since he had passed away already by then (2003).

When Was The First Inspector Morse Made?

The first Inspector Morse series was made in 1987 and starred the late John Thaw as the title character. The show was a massive hit, running for twelve seasons before ending in 2000.

Where Is Inspector Morse Filmed?

The Inspector Morse tv show was filmed in Oxfordshire, England. The city of Oxford is where many scenes are shot and where Inspector Morse lives with his wife and daughter. Many of the city’s landmarks were used to represent other locations, such as the Radcliffe Camera being used for depicting the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

What Was Inspector Morse’s Wife Called?

Inspector Morse’s wife was called Jean Lewis.

Inspector Morse and Jean met when he worked as a policeman in Oxford and became very close friends. They were eventually married for many years until she died from cancer.

Who Wrote The Theme music To Inspector Morse?

The theme music to Inspector Morse was composed by Barrington P. Morris in 1987. It was originally called “Inspector Morse”, but the name had to be changed because there were legal issues with using the word “Morse” in the title.

How Many Episodes Of Inspector Morse Are There?

You can watch all of Inspector Morse on Acorn TV, which means that if you have a subscription to the service, you can get caught up in just a few hours of binge-watching. And if you don’t have Acorn TV? You can still watch some episodes for free on YouTube.

And don’t worry: If you’re worried about missing out on some big developments, there are no spoilers here!

How Many Inspector Morse Books Are There?

There are 27 books in the Inspector Morse series, with a total of 31 individual stories. The final book, “The Remorseful Day”, was published in 1999 and has since been adapted into an ITV drama starring John Thaw.

What Colour Was Inspector Morse’s Jaguar?

At the beginning of each Inspector Morse episode, viewers would see Morse driving his Jaguar XJ-S in Oxford. But what colour was it?

Inspector Morse’s car was a dark burgundy red colour, with a black leather interior and tan carpeting. It also came equipped with an automatic transmission and air conditioning (which we don’t see very often in England). The vehicle had been custom-built for the show and was based on an actual Jaguar XJS V12 Series 3 model from 1980 to 1987 that belonged to someone else before being bought by ITV Productions as one of their filming cars at some point during production on “The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn”.

Did Inspector Morse Have A Limp?

Morse’s limp was an important part of the character. It came from an injury he sustained after falling through some ice when he was young. He couldn’t run very fast and it took him longer to get around, but it didn’t stop him from solving crimes.